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Volvo V40 Carbon Edition introduced

21 May 2015

Volvo will offer its clients the posibility of customizing their V40 with some Polestar accesories. We all know that Polestar announced it will sell Volvo customization packs inside Volvo showrooms and now we have the first example.

Volvo V40 Carbon Edition

The kit provided by Polestar is called Carbon Edition and it only reffers to the compact hatchback. The key areas of improvement are drivability and driving control. The Polestar optimisation has been designed to provide the driver with faster and more exact responses to commands and affects: Throttle response, Gearshift speed, Gearshift precision and hold, Off-throttle response, Engine performance.

A total of 343 V40 Carbon will be produced, available in Finland, France, Japan, the Netherlands and Sweden, with the T5 and D4 engine, producing 253 hp/400 Nm and 200 hp/440 Nm in peak power respectively with the Polestar optimisation.Volvo V40 Carbon Edition

The increase in power and torque is concentrated to mid-range performance, the key area of the engine for active driving, with a maximum increase of 25 hp/50 Nm for the T5 and 16 hp/40 Nm for the D4 in mid-range.
Furthermore, the V40 Carbon includes exclusive carbon details, unique 19-inch wheels, red seat belts and an extensive equipment package.

The first optimisations for other Volvo models with the new Drive-E engines will be released in the last week of June 2015, starting with the T6, T5, D5 and D4 engines.