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2015 Volvo S60 Cross Country revealed

10 January 2015

2015 Volvo S60 Cross Country is the first premium off-road sedan in the world, a big step ahead as the V70 model, almost 20 years ago.

2015 Volvo S60 Cross Country

When Volvo introduced the V70 model, back in 1997, everyone was thinking that the Swedish manufacturer will fail to creat a segment for people who wanted a large station wagon with off-road capability.

Same opinion now, as nobody believes in a new segment, except Volvo, who says it will sale very good the four door crossover. The international debut of the car is more surprising as the new S60 Cross Country comes after the recent introduction of the V60 Cross Country, during last year Los Angeles Motor Show.

Same as the V60 Cross Country, the sedan sits 65mm higher above the ground than its standard version. It will be available with four wheel drive configuration, with some exception in Europe, where the car will be offered only with front wheel drive on the entry-level version.