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Volvo robot can simulate accident movements inside a car

07 January 2015

Volvo promissed that no one is going to die or be severly injured in their cars by 2020. A statement hard to attain, but not impossible, as Volvo is struggling to improve the safety of its cars, beyond the line of human mistake.

Run-off road crashes are one of the most common car accidents, exposing driver and passengers to sudden, violent and random movement that can cause spinal injuries. New generation XC90 tries to be the safest Volvo car in these situations, with intelligent protection systems.

But to achieve a level of perfection, there is still a lot of work to be done. A visit to a theme park inspired Volvo Cars’ safety expert Anders Axelson to Volvo`s latest safety innovation. A robot that can simulate the movement of the human body during an accident. This is how it works: