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ABT Audi S8 tuning kit

08 May 2014

As we all lack the joy of an Audi RS8 performance versions, tuners like ABT make sure that we can enjoy a replacement solutions. The German tuning kit for the current S8 really fill the need for a more powerful limousine.

ABT Audi S8

Under the hood, the clients can get a really healthy power kick with the help of a new engine kit. The tweaks operated by ABT engineers bring 120 hp and 130 Nm more than the standard version. This way, the 4.0 liter turbocharged V8 can reach an impressive 640 hp and 780 Nm or 575 lb-ft.

As the standard version needs only 4.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h, we can expect that the ABT version will improve this performance with at least 0.3 seconds. ABT also announced that it increased the top speed limiter to 280 km/h.

To complement the power modifications, the S8 benefits from a new selection of 20 inch alloy wheels, from a four tailpipe exhaust system and a lowered suspension, closer to the ground with 25 mm.