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Bentley SUV first teaser photo

19 March 2014

Two years after it first introduced the EXP 9F concept in Geneva Motor Show, Bentley is releasing an official image of its future SUV. The car, scheduled to reach showrooms in 2016, will be the first SUV in Bentley`s history, marking the begining of a new era.

Even though Lamborghini and Maserati also announced the introduction of new SUV models, Bentley says his product will be the “most luxurious and powerful SUV on the market” and “it will create a completely new segment in the SUV market.”

Surprisingly, Bentley already received 2000 orders for the SUV, even if the car it`s not finished and no one has yet seen the final version. The Brits are optimistic and hope they will sale at least 3000 units of their SUV every year. The car will be produced at Crewe factory in UK, following investments of 800 million GBP n the next three years.

Bentley SUV photo

The first teaser photos doesn`t reveal to much from the future design, using a new grille and four headlights covered in sand to suggest the look of the new SUV. According to Bentley officials, the final version will be far from the EXP 9F we`ve seen in Geneva two years ago.

Under the hood, Bentley`s SUV will benefit from current W12 unit, which will be produced in higher volumes in Crewe starting with the end of 2014. The engine production rate will raise from the current 5000 units to 9000 units until 2017. Along with the popular W12 engine, the car will also be the first to introduce a new hybrid powertrain. This option will be offered in 2018, two years after the initial launch of the model.