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2015 Ford F-150 new V6 engines

22 July 2014

Ford F-150, the most popular pick-up truck in America, will benefit from new improvements, made to satisfy a larger range of people. The 2015 Ford F-150 version will be offering with two new V6 engines, one of them equipped with Ecoboost technology and ready to offer improved efficiency.

2015 Ford F-150 V6 engines

Not the case with the entry-level V6, that has a 3.5 liter capacity and some 283 hp and 345 Nm of torque. Even so, the amount of power is enough for a maximum payload of 910 lbs or 866 kilograms. The towing capacity is also impressing at 7000 lbs, the equivalent of 3447 kilograms.

Those who want more power can opt for the more powerful 2.7 liter V6, delivering 325 hp and 507 Nm of torque. The engine uses a standard start-stop system and can offer improved efficiency. The resources are enough for a towing capacity of 8500 lbs and a payload of maximum 2250 lbs.