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2015 Audi 3.0 TDI V6 new diesel engine

08 May 2014

Audi refreshed its diesel offer with a new engine, introduced today during 35th International Vienna Motor Symposium. The Ingolstadt-based manufacturer will replace its old 3.0 liter TDI engine with a more powerful and economic version.


The V6 will be now offered in two states of power. One developing 218 hp from the old 204 hp, and another delivering 272 hp from the old 245 hp version.

Depending on the model, the most powerful engine version can deliver up to 600 Nm, 50 Nm more than the old engine. Even so, the engine can be 13 percent more economical than the old V6. Same performance for the CO2 emissions, which are now 15% lower than its predecessor. In this condition it easy to presume the car can comply Euro 6 standards.

The efficiency performance figures can be attained thanks to a new technology. In its press release, Audi announces the first world combination of Nox storage catalytic converter with a diesel particulate filter and SCR injection.

Along with the new engine, Audi also introduces a new seven speed dual clutch S-tronic transmission for its longitudinal engines and front-wheel drive cars. The new gearbox can reduce the CO2 emissions by 10 grams/km.