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Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car in UK history

23 July 2014

Ford announced today that the Fiesta is the best selling car in UK`s auto history. The Fiesta, first launched in 1976, become rapidly a hit, managing to reach 4.115.000 clients in its 38 years history.

Ford Fiesta best selling car in UK

The performance overtakes the previous record set also by a Ford vehicle. It was the Escort who managed to convince a total of 4.105.961 clients during its 32 years of presence on the UK market (from 1968 to 2000).

In a press release, Mark Ovenden, Ford UK chairman and managing director, expressed its joy while also comparing the car with its competitors: “It continues to outsell its nearest retail competitor by more than two to one – and that really tells the story of this extraordinary car.”

Ford Fiesta is the best selling car in UK`s automotive history not only for being affordable and easy to maintain but also because it is regarded as a British roduct. The research and development of the car takes place in centres like Dunton, Essex, Ford’s Dagenham Diesel Centre or East London.