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Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech sets new efficiency record with 2.8 l/100 km

18 March 2014

Recently declared „European Car of the Year”, the current Peugeot 308 sets a new record. The compact car managed to achieve the best gasoline efficiency in the segment.

Peugeot equipped the C-Segment car with its new 1.2 litre, three-cylinder PureTech gasoline engine, delivering 130 horsepower, and sent it to Almeria, Spain, on a closed track. Here, the 308 managed to run for 1810 kilometers with only one tank of fuel.

The record run lasted for 32 hours and it was established by a number of professional pilots. After it run out of gas, Peugeot calculated the overall consumption of the car and stated that, with the new PureTech engine, 308 can achieve a 2.8 litres/km consumption, the equivalent of 99.1 mpg. This way, the Peugeot 308 set a new record for fuel economy and distance driven on a single tank of fuel.

The performance was achieved with a standard production model and therefore allows the Peugeot 308 1.2-litre THP 130 to become the benchmark for its segment for most economical vehicle with a petrol engine.

The new 308 is also available with a BlueHDi 1.6-litre diesel engine with 120 hp and a Combined Drive Cycle fuel economy of 91.1 mpg (3.2 litre/100 km) and lowest CO2 emissions of just 82g/km.

Recently, Peugeot increased its 308 production at Sochaux factory after it received 60.000 orders in just four months since the start of the sales.