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Dubai Roadster supercar first photos

24 April 2014

Who said Dubai can`t have its own supercar. Especially when there are a lot of people with enough money to support the development of such a car.

Dubai Roadster photos

Recently, an unknown Emirati racer financially sustained the development of a supercar, called Dubai Roadster and designed to compete with cars like KTM X-Bow and BAC Mono.

As you would expect, the car features an aggressive front bumper, ventilated hood, LED inserts inside the headlights, a huge spoiler mounted on the back, big alloy wheels with performance tires and a rollover bar that also serves as a third brake light. The car does not support a roof, but inside you can enjoy bucket seats, gold trim, flat botoom steering wheel, a center display and racing seat belts.

The Dubai Roadster will be based on a tubular chassis made of aluminium. This will help the roadster weight only 750 kilograms. And with a V8 capable of at least 400 hp, this will be a promising combination, with impressive performance figures.

We will have the chance to see the new Dubai Roadster this winter, during Dubai Motor Show, organized in December.