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BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept first photos

19 April 2014

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept is the surprise BMW was announcing for this year Beijing Auto China. The concept is revealed earlier than its official debut during the first press day of the Chinese motor show. There are only three photos with the concept, snapped inside a media brochure.

BMW Vision Future Luxury photo

The all new BMW Vision Future Luxury tries to anticipate the future design lines of the company and that language design that we future generation 7 Series is set to embrace. As it has easy access to carbon fibre components, BMW devloped this concept with only one thing in mind: lightweight structure.

The strenght of the material also helped BMW to addopt an innovative design structure. The german engineers made the B-pillar almost disappear, its presence being noticed only on top. The seats are probably made of carbon fibre too, somehow connected to the structure of the concept car.

The design language introduces sharp line, new minimalist shape for the laser headlights. The body has short ovrhangs, big aluminium wheels housed by generous wheel arches, while the side of the concept features a chromed line with newly designed vent behind the front wheels. The back will probably resemble the front of the car, with same minimalist design touches, featuring LED taillights and chromed tailpipes.

Inside, the new BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept will be a benchmark for new BMW interiors. The only image we have shows a beige coloured cockpit, with many aluminium and wood inserts. The dashboard will probably follow the simple design of the exterior, featuring more touchscreen function, not classic buttons.