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Fiat Panda production stopped

22 September 2014

Fiat Panda production will be halted between 16 and 27 October due to weak demand in Europe and other markets.

Fiat Panda production

It looks like the small mini is not doing so well as the old Panda, who was a real success due to its low price. The new model has some difficulties in finding the perfect balance of costs and keeps the clients away. More than that, the competition is ahead of the Italians.

This is the second news of this type after Fiat halted production also of the 500L. Fortunately, Fiat found a way of not laying off people, by keeping employees at home whenever demand is lower.

Since March, around 1,950 workers of a total of 4,500 employees at the Pomigliano agreed to work fewer hours and be paid less just to keep their jobs.