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2015 Toyota Aygo EuroNCAP rating

03 September 2014

2015 Toyota Aygo was also tested by EuroNCAP and scored only four stars, just like the Renault Twingo.

2015 Toyota Aygo EuroNCAP crash test

Built on the same platform as the Peueot 108 and Citroen C1, the new Aygo represented the PSA-Toyota joint-venture at EuroNCAP. So, it is easy to understand that Aygo`s score is to be assumed by C1 and 108 also.

The Japanese mini managed to score 80% for adult occupant protection, 2% more than the Renault Twingo. Even so, the safety assist remains the same as in the Twingo, 56%, because of the missing autonomous braking system.

During the frontal impact test, Aygo`s safety cell remained intact, but the steering column and the edge of the console presented a risk of injury for the driver.

In side impact and pole impact, the Twingo performed better than the Twingo, with more protection offered for the chest.